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Teen Breaks Ankles, Mom Asks Internet Users for Funding (Video)

Nicole Easton had just moved into a new house in Peoria, Ariz., with great new roomies, when they decided to put together a relatively unorthodox housewarming.

Having seen others attempt the stunt and succeed, Nicole and her two roommates decided to make leaps into the house’s backyard pool from the roof.

The first jumper made it into the pool just fine, but when Nicole and her friend were up next, only one of them ended with a splash.

Nicole hesitated, landing on the ground instead of in the pool, and broke both of her feet upon contact.

The whole scene was caught on tape, which Nicole’s mother, Carrie Yunker, is now using as bait. Yunker started a GoFundMe page in hopes of raising money to pay for Easton’s upcoming six months of a wheelchair-restricted life. 

Yunker’s pleads for $4,200 isn’t going over very well with the internet crowd. She most recently posted on the GoFundMe page in response to the plethora of negative feedback she’s been receiving, sayingm “I really feel sorry for all the people that are so negative. I've never had, or even took the time to post such mean comments. I'll pray for each, and everyone of you.” Thus far, Yunker has raised $70.

Suffice it to say, the following video is not for the faint of heart.

Sources: ABC 15, GawkerGoFundMe


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