Down's Syndrome Teen Gets Rejected, Then Miracle Occurs (Video)

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After asking a number of girls to be his date for his homecoming dance, Daniel was devastated when every single one rejected him.

It's just one of many hardship Daniel Rivas, 17, has had to endure because of his illness.

Daniel has Down's syndrome, and he has continuously faced stigma from his peers for his condition. Homecoming, it already seemed, was not going to be an exception.

That is, until 10th grader Kylie stepped in and asked Daniel asked out herself.

"I don’t think of [kids who have a disability] as being different," Kylie Fronius says. "It's just a normal person learning a different way.”

“I hope I can make his night fun," she later added.

Daniel's mother, Tonya, was overjoyed.

“It’s not about that Daniel has a disability," she said. "It’s Kylie didn’t see any disability. That is what your heart wants as a mom.”

Yet it didn't end there.

When KVVU's Surprise Squad learned about Daniel's plight, the news station decided to step in.

"We knew we had to get involved," said reporter Monica Jackson.

"I'm just touched," responded Tonya, now in tears. "My heart is happy."

On homecoming day, the news team drove up to Daniel and handed him a special surprise: a Rolls Royce and a red carpet for he and his date to walk on.

Both Daniel and Kylie were ecstatic, with Kylie screaming "this is amazing" and Daniel's face red with happiness.

But that's not all. At the homecoming dance, the news team told the couple they had a won trip to Disneyland. Later, Don Forman, owner of United Nissan, awarded Daniel a $10,000 scholarship, and gave a now screaming Kylie a free car.

The acts of kindness moved many nationwide.

"In these troubled times and people taking pride in not accepting others this is a beautiful story," wrote one woman on LittleThings' Facebook page. "This lovely young lady wanted nothing more than to make someone happy. I think it turned out quite well for her and this young man. Their smiles said it all. Parents of both of these young people should be proud. Thank you for the smiles you gave and hearts you warmed."

Sources: KVVU via YouTubeLittleThings/Facebook / Photo Credit: KVVU via YouTube

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