Man, 67, Beaten And Strangled 'For No Apparent Reason' (Photo)


A man from South Carolina is facing a charge of attempted murder for allegedly beating and strangling a 67-year-old man "for no apparent reason" on April 21. 

Police were summoned to a residence in Clemson at 7:30 a.m. to break up a fight, according to WHNS.

When they arrived at the home, they found the man lying in the front yard. He had reportedly been strangled and hit in the head multiple times. 

Just before the altercation happened, 19-year-old Rocco Recchia was reportedly in the older man's yard and made a call on his cellphone. Following the call, Recchia allegedly began hitting the victim. 

After being arrested, Recchia told police he beat the older man "for no apparent reason." 

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The older man was rushed to a local hospital where his condition has since stabilized. 

The alleged attacker is being held without bail at a local jail. 

In June 2016, two teenage girls allegedly attacked a 78-year-old woman in New York City that sent the senior to a hospital. 

According to city police, one of the girls had placed her foot on a seat in the subway. The elderly woman reportedly asked her to move it so she could take the seat but one of the teens responded with foul language. 

The two girls allegedly followed her when she got off the subway car and physically attacked her. Then aged 16 and 15, they proceeded to punch and kick the woman several times all over her body, including her face, police said, WABC reports. 

They then fled on an incoming train. 

Strangers to each other, the mothers of the two alleged assailants identified their daughters in pictures released by NYPD and turned them in.  

The mother of one of the girls sought for by the police took her to the police precinct. The second girl was apprehended sometime later. 

The elderly woman victim was taken to a local hospital where staff stabilized her condition.  

In October 2016, in Syracuse, New York, two teenage girls allegedly assaulted a 61-year-old man for having asked them to no longer sit on his lawn. A video of the transgression was recorded and went viral on Facebook. 

The video shows one of the girls hitting the man twice in the head and face in response, WSTM-TV reports. The two teens, then aged 14 and 15, subsequently identified by police in the video, were arrested.

Sources: WHNS, WABC, WSTM-TV / Photo credit: Maxlkt/Pixabay

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