Teen Beaten So Badly Her Contact Is Pushed Behind Eye


Seventeen-year-old Sara Dudek was so badly attacked by her ex-boyfriend, Kane Case-Webb, 20, that her contact lens slid behind her eye and left it gushing with blood.

Case-Webb had been drinking copious amounts of sambuca, along with wine and vodka before assaulting Dudek.

"I thought I was going to die. Though we were young, Kane and I were so much in love and I never thought he would hurt me," said Dudek, according to The Sun.

"He had a chunk of my flesh in his mouth and he shook his head around, as though he was a dog with a piece of meat. His fury was terrifying."

The relationship between Dudek and Case-Webb soon became serious after meeting on Facebook in 2013.

“I really felt that Kane was the love of my life,” Dudek said.

Case-Webb proposed to Dudek on New Year’s Eve 2014 and the two were engaged.

"Kane was always very caring and loving, but he could be jealous and paranoid and he blamed his anxiety on the mugging," said Dudek. "He was always worrying about me going off with other men."

But the happy period soon ended and in October 2015, everything came crashing down.

“I asked Kane if I could borrow his phone to call a friend, and he refused. I tried to grab it, in a joking way, but as I leaned across him he bit me hard on my neck and I screamed,” Dudek recalls.

“It was the first time he had ever been violent to me in any way and I was very shocked.”

Case-Webb started kicking, punching, biting and spitting on Dudek as she lay helpless on the floor. His brother and mother tried to help Dudek, but they were injured as well.

Frantic, Case-Webb then snatched a large kitchen knife and held it to his own throat. His mother and Dudek tried to seize the knife, but he cut their hands.

Dudek recalls the incident, saying:

I ran to the bedroom and hid under a duvet but Kane grabbed my head and smashed it against the side of a table. It was so forceful that my contact lens slipped behind my left eye and I felt something pop in my eyeball.

The pain was excruciating. My eye was pouring with blood and my eyelid was literally hanging off. ...

Kane was in a rage. He threw me on the floor and stamped on my head, over and over again. I felt myself losing consciousness and I thought I was dying.

Case-Webb fled from the scene and jumped onto the top of an oncoming taxi, cracking the windshield and scaring the driver and bystanders. Case-Webb was later arrested, and Dudek was rushed to the hospital.

Dudek had to have her eye glued together and suffered from various cuts, bruises and bite marks. The abusive fiance has been imprisoned and sentenced to seven years behind bars, reports the Irish Mirror.

Sources: The Sun, Irish Mirror / Photo credit: Focus Features via The Sun

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