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Teacher Allegedly Asks Teen To Swear On Bible That She Isn't Pregnant In Order To Join Club

Chasity Norwood started her senior year at Jackson High School in Jackson, Georgia, hoping to join the Student Government Association for the fourth year in a row. 

"My daughter was full of life," Tammy Williams, her mother, told WXIA. "She had passion for that club."

The teacher advising the organization had some qualms about letting Chasity join the group, even though Chasity had good grades, managed two of the school’s sports teams, worked at a local grocery store and was an active churchgoer. 

The unidentified teacher reportedly believed Chasity was pregnant and asked the 17-year-old if she was expecting.

"She knew she had gained weight but she knew she wasn't pregnant, so it didn't bother her," Williams said.

The teacher raised the issue again a few days later.

"The coordinator saw [Chasity] in the lunch room and said she wanted to talk with her," Williams said. "She asked her if she was a Christian. [Chasity] said, 'Yes.' [The adviser] asked another teacher to get her a Bible. When she got the Bible, Chasity told me that she asked her to swear that she was not pregnant."

Chasity paid her club dues and moved on, but the teacher accused her of being pregnant a third time.

"[The adviser] said, 'I think you're pregnant and you can't walk behind me pregnant,'" Williams said. "And that really hurt [Chasity]. [The adviser] said: 'Your check will be refunded. I hope you graduate and have a nice life.’''

Chasity was understandably upset and told her mother she didn’t want to return to the small high school, which has 926 students and is the only high school in Butts County, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Williams has been in communication with the school’s principal, reports WXIA.

"The principal has been exceptional with me," Williams said. "He has been talking with me all along the way — even though I haven't felt he's done anything. He's always had the door open for me."

Chasity isn’t allowed in the club because she paid her dues late, but her family claims other students paid their dues after her. 

It is unclear if the adviser will face any disciplinary action. Butts County Superintendent Robert Costley said in a statement that an investigation is underway.

Sources: WXIA, U.S. News & World Report / Photo credit: WXIA


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