Teen Arrested After Allegedly Stabbing Sister To Death

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Police arrested and charged a teenager with murder after authorities found his hearing impaired sister dead from knife wounds.

Police found the victim, identified as 18-year-old Kayla Dezaray Hensley, near a dumpster in the family's hometown of Weaverville, North Carolina, on Nov. 11, reports WLOS.

Her brother is in custody at a juvenile center and has been charged with first-degree murder after a neighbor called to report a dramatic scene involving a suspicious person on the night of the murder.

"Somebody just knocked on my door and said someone killed his sister that lives above us up here," the 911 caller told dispatchers, according to WLOS.

The caller said the man who knocked on the door claimed to be attempting to flee from the person who killed his sister.

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The caller said the man had "no idea" who the person who killed his sister was, but noted that "he's got blood all over him."

"For safety's sake, don't let him in the house," the dispatcher told the caller.

It is unknown why the brother allegedly wanted to kill his sibling. According to a few people who knew him, he was not easy to befriend.

"Her brother, he didn't talk much to people," Hensley's friend, Cynthia Webb, told WYFF, according to the Daily Mail. "He didn't say much. He would say 'Hey" and 'Bye.' That was about it."

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Franklin Hughes, who lives in a mobile home near Hensley's family, told WLOS he was shocked at the news since the boy was kind to Hughes' children, although they did have a bizarre first encounter.

"When I first met [Hensley's brother], he was coming out of the woods with a hatchet and I asked him what he was doing, and he wouldn't talk to me and he went home," Hughes recounted. "His mom come up and she talked to me, said, 'He just plays in the woods, cuts down trees, makes forts.' That he was a good kid," Hughes said.

Hughes added that the mother was a good person who was "always working" so she could take care of her kids.

Those who knew Hensley remembered her as a caring, sweet young woman full of positive energy and potential.

"Kayla was always smiling at work," said Misty Gossman, who worked with Hensley at Urban Outfitters. "Her smile could make even a bad day good. She was like a ray of sunshine."

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Hensley's boyfriend, 20-year-old Charles Lyman, described her as "amazing" and said he just wanted to wake up from what felt like a horrible dream, notes WHNS.

"She had her whole life ahead of her and was planning to go to college, making something of herself..." Lyman added. "…She's the most nicest, most wonderful woman you'll ever meet. She always finds a way to make you smile. She's just really caring and loving.”

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