Cassidy Rowin: Teen Gets 3 Years For Fatal Beating Of Homeless Man


A 19-year-old woman has been sentenced for her involvement in the fatal assault of a homeless man.

Cassidy Rowin was sentenced on Jan. 20 to three years in state prison for her participation in the beating of 55-year-old Stephen Lee Hissom in Santee, California, Fox 5 San Diego reports. Rowin pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in 2015.

The beating occurred on Nov. 29, 2014. Rowin participated in the beating along with Danny Swan III, Tyler Dare, Brian Kish and Sarah Baillie. All of these other defendants are 20 years old, except for Baillie, who is 19. They have all also been charged in connection with Hissom's death.

Kish faces seven years in prison after pleading guilty to assault while the others are awaiting trial.

According to prosecutors, Hissom was riding bikes with another homeless man, 49-year-old Edward Allen, in Santee under an overpass when they ran into the defendants. The homeless men and the group of five then got into an argument.

During the preliminary hearing, Allen said that Hissom initially asked the group of young adults to “please move,” and after they ignored his request, he told them to “get the hell out of the way.”

Allen said that he was then attacked by several of the defendants and was unable to see what happened to Hissom.

According to Deputy District Attorney George Modlin, Rowin instigated the confrontation and actively participated in the beating of both men.

Allen said the group kicked him and threw a glass beer bottle at him but missed. He said that he went in and out of consciousness during the assault. He was injured in the attack but declined medical help at the scene.

Sources: FOX 5 San DiegoKGTV / Photo Credit: FOX 5 San Diego, Times of San Diego

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