Romanian Teen Accused Of Murdering Newborn Baby And Cremating It In Stove


A teen will likely be charged with murder after killing her newborn baby and cremating it in an effort to hide her pregnancy from her parents.

According to reports, 17-year-old Alexandra Olaru gave birth at her home while her parents weren’t there. Right after the baby was born, the Romanian teen allegedly grabbed a pillow and smothered the baby’s face until it died. To get rid of the body, Olaru reportedly threw the baby into a wood-burning stove and lit it on fire.

Reports say that nobody knew she was pregnant, and Olaru allegedly told her friends about giving birth and killing the child the very next day.

“No one knew she was pregnant, she didn’t look it and she didn’t tell anyone,” said friend Pal Iona Bibesco, 17. “We only found out when she came to school the next day and told us what had happened. At first we thought she was making up some sick sort of joke, but as she went into more detail we began to realise [sic] it was probably true.”

Concerned friends decided to tell a teacher about what the Romanian teen admitted, and the teacher called the police. Olaru was arrested and reportedly admitted to everything as soon as police began to question her.

“When questioned by police the young woman admitted everything she had done and gave all the details,” said Emil Mota, spokesperson for the prosecutor. “Immediately after she gave birth she killed the newborn and set it on fire. She said she was afraid her parents would find out she was pregnant and be angry.”

Olaru’s father Marcel says he was completely shocked to find out about what his daughter did in their Silvilesti, Gorj County, home, acknowledging that he didn’t even know she was pregnant.

“I just found out about this when the police arrived at our home,” said Marcel Olaru. “We knew she had been in a relationship and had actually got married. But that finished and she came back to live with us. But we had absolutely no idea she was pregnant nor that she had gone to such terrible measures to keep it from us.”

Olaru is currently being evaluated for psychiatric issues, but if she’s found to be sane, she will likely be charged with murder.

Sources: Mirror UK, NY Daily News

Photo Credit: CEN/Europics


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