Teen Admits to Killing Mom, Having Sex with Her Corpse (Video)


Kevin Davis, 18, was arrested on March 27 for allegedly killing his mother Kimberly Hill, 50, at her apartment in Corpus Christi, Texas.

While Davis pleaded not guilty in June, police played back a video (below) yesterday in court of the young man confessing to the crime afterwards, reports KIII.

According to KZTV, Davis told police that he tried to strangle his mother with a video game power cord, but she continued to scream. Davis said on the video that he used a hammer on the back of her head 20 times.

The details got more grisly as Davis continued.

The teen told investigators that he reached inside his mother's head to move her brain in order to make sure that she was dead.

Davis then told police that he had sex with his mother's body and added, "Guess I lost my virginity to a dead corpse."

"I'm just a terrible, disgusting person," stated Davis, who also denied that he was mentally ill or insane.

After the video played in court, Davis turned in his chair towards the jury and smiled, reports Caller.com.

This afternoon, David was found guilty and the jury sentenced him to life in prison.

Warning: Disturbing Content

Sources: Caller.com, KIII, KZTV


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