Teen Accused Of Producing And Selling Pornography Of Herself Online


A 15-year-old girl from Kent County, Michigan, is facing felony child pornography charges for allegedly selling sexual photos of herself online, Cosmopolitan reported. 

Men, who apparently knew the teen was underage, allegedly contacted her via the mobile messaging application Kik, and solicited nude videos and photos from her. According to warrant affidavits obtained by The Smoking Gun, the teen told police how she advertised for her alleged customers.

The teen also told authorities she recorded up to 15 videos in two months, although she never showed her face in any of the content she allegedly distributed. Some of the videos purportedly contained footage of her masturbating. 

The teen’s customers paid for the content using the site PayPal and, attached to one $100 payment, was a note that read:  “For you my sexy chocolate skinned honey xoxo.” Cosmopolitan reports she made around $1,000 over the two months.

Police also served warrants on her other social media accounts, including some hosted by  Kik, Tumblr and Google. According to the warrant served to Tumblr, a microblogging platform, the teen might have used the site to host “sexually related media.”

The teen’s case will be handled in juvenile court, but it is unclear if the men who bought the pornography the teen allegedly produced will also face charges.

Sources: Cosmopolitan, The Smoking Gun / Photo credit: Pro Juventute/Flickr

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