Teen Accused Of Series Of Thefts In New York Arrested Again


A New Jersey teenager has been arrested and accused of stealing jewelry from a wealthy victim.

Alexandra Martinez, 19, is accused in a series of similar incidents in New York stretching back to July 2015, according to the New York Post.

The latest arrest relates to an alleged theft on Aug. 14, when Martinez reportedly persuaded JP Morgan executive Michael Briese to take her back to his condo. Martinez reportedly waited for the 31-year-old to fall asleep before making off with watches, $1,000 in cash, a ring, gold necklaces, credit cards and an iPad.

Briese told authorities he woke up five hours later and contacted the police when he realized his belongings were missing.

Martinez was detained in December after allegedly carrying out similar robberies in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

In the Brooklyn cases, she reportedly struck with an accomplice, such as on Sept. 4 when they allegedly took watches worth $38,000 from an oil executive. The duo were accused of drugging his cocktail after returning to his apartment.

Police said the pair selected their victims based on the watches they had, with Rolex being top of their list.

Another theft was blamed on Martinez and her accomplice early on Thanksgiving Day, when they accompanied a 44-year-old man back to his apartment, drugged him and stole a $10,000 Rolex and $800 in cash, reports the New York Post.

The other woman accused of participation in the thefts has not been identified.

One of Martinez’s alleged targets in Manhattan was “Prince Ron” Zoldan, whose father owns the country’s largest pyrotechnics company.

Her first alleged theft occurred in July, when she snatched a wallet from a man she met at a wine bar.

Martinez’s attorney did not respond with comment to the latest arrests, but in December he stated his client felt she had been blamed for crimes she didn’t commit.

“She feels that the cops are not doing their jobs and sticking complaints on her,” Aaron Wallenstein told the New York Daily News. “She’s upset about it.”

Martinez spent two days in jail following her Feb. 4 arrest before bail of $40,000 was posted, the New York Post reported.

Sources: New York Post, New York Daily News / Photo credit: Facebook via New York Post

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