Teen Accidentally Shot, Killed by 15 Year Old at Illinois State Trooper's House


Matthew Anderson, 15, was shot and killed by a 15-year-old friend at the home of an Illinois state trooper on Saturday in Sterling, Ill.

“The accidental shooting incident involved two male teenagers," State Police Lt. Victor Markowski told BCRNews.com. "One of the male teenagers unrelated to the trooper’s family suffered a fatal gunshot wound."

While it's not clear if the trooper's gun was used in the shooting, Markowski added, "We are treating this matter as we would any investigation.”

“Rock Falls Township High School is saddened by the accidental death of one of our students on Saturday, March 1,” Rock Falls High School Superintendent Ron McCord said in a statement over the weekend. “A freshman student was accidentally shot and killed while at the home of a close friend.”

“It’s just a sad day here at Rock Falls,” senior Trenden Schwindenhammer told QUAD 8. “It’s quiet, I’ve seen a couple of people crying.”

Sources: BCRNews.com and QUAD 8


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