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Teen Accidentally Outs Himself To His Grandmother, Gets Completely Unexpected Response (Photos)

A teen accidentally came out to her grandmother by way of a sarcastic comment, and the shocking incident quickly went viral. 

Katie, 16, posted a screenshot of text messages sent to a friend detailing the accidental reveal.

“I may have just accidentally came out to my entire family in the worst way possible,” the text read.

“My grandma was saying how gays are going to hell and I didn't want to deal with it so I started to leave," the text continued. "My cousin asked where I was going. 'Hell apparently.' What have I done.”

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Katie, the teen who sent the texts, later detailed the incident in a Tumblr post. She explained that she ran into the bathroom immediately after making the sarcastic comment that revealed her sexuality.

“While I was hiding in the bathroom, my cousin knocked on the door," Katie wrote. "‘You can come out now,’ she said, followed by ‘Well I guess you already did that, but.'"

She went on to explain that her grandmother then confronted her mother about her sexual orientation, asking how she could let her daughter “become a queer.”

“My mom, aunt and uncle all went off at her for that one, there was quite a bit of yelling,” she wrote. “After a while, my mother came upstairs and told me that she supported me no matter what, and then we left without talking to my grandmother.”

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“The next morning, she called to apologize for her actions," Katie wrote. "I have no idea how sincere the apology was because my mother was the one one the phone with her, but I am still invited to Christmas.”

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