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Boy, 14, Accidentally Shoots Brother, 9, With Shotgun (Video)

A 14-year-old boy accidentally shot his 9-year-old brother in the face with a loaded shotgun yesterday in Merced County, California.

The boys shot pigeons with their dad earlier in the day, and then went to a local store where the older brother accidentally fired his shotgun (video below).

"The 14-year-old told detectives he had his finger on the trigger and he didn't see his brother originally, but he knew he was walking nearby," Merced County Sheriff's Captain B.J. Jones told ABC 30. "He heard his brother crying and then he saw he had an injury to his right side of the face."

"Sometimes it's referred to as a pheasant gun," added Jones. "The caliber is a .410 shotgun shell so it's pretty menacing. It's designed for foul and other small game."

The older boy told his dad about the shooting, who then called 911, and the younger boy was taken to a hospital in Sacramento, California.

Jones told the Merced Sun-Star that the child suffered a wound close to his eye, but not a “direct hit."

No charges have been filed.

Sources: Merced Sun-Star and ABC 30


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