Teddy Bear Found On Road In North Carolina Contained Bomb


A teddy bear that was found on the side of a road in North Carolina had the chance to be extremely dangerous as a bomb was found inside it.

A newspaper delivery man saw the teddy bear on the side of a road in Cleveland County, N.C., on Thursday and pulled over to pick it up, according to Capt. Philip Todd of the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department.

“He stopped, got out, picked it up and when he did there was some kind of device that fell out of the teddy bear,” Todd told ABCNews.com.

Todd also said that Anthony Cannon brought the bear home to his house in Shelby, N.C., and noticed that it had started smoking, prompting him to call police.

WSOC-TV reports that a caller to 911 stated, "We found something. It looks like somebody tried to make a bomb out of it and we have it right here in our possession and I want to know if it's possible you can come get it."

Local police, the sheriff’s office and a local bomb squad all responded to the call and secured the device.

“The captain of the bomb squad said it appeared to be an incendiary device, and it had malfunctioned, and that’s the reason it did not activate,” Todd said.

The ATF now has the bear and the bomb and a federal crime lab will take it apart and inspect it. The Cleveland County Sheriff's Department is looking into how it got left on the side of a country road.

Sources: ABC News, WSOC-TV


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