Ted Nugent Wants to Ban 43 Percent of Americans From Voting


Former rocker and NRA board member Ted Nugent wrote in a recent column that he would agree to closing the gun show purchase loophole if people who do not pay federal income taxes are banned from voting.

Nugent is upset that 43% of Americans do not owe any federal income tax, noted CNN.

However, most Americans do pay payroll, Social Security, state and local taxes.

Ironically, Nugent's "grand compromise" would ban millions of low income gun owners from voting.

Nugent also fails to mention that at least 30 multi-billion dollar corporations pay no income taxes, so they would also be banned from voting, notes ThinkProgress.org.

In his Op-Ed for the conspiracy website WND, Nugent writes:

My recommended Grand Compromise is this: Yours truly, the humble MotorCity Madman, NRA Board of Directors member, leading gun-rights spokesman and prospective presidential candidate in 2016, will support and champion closing the so-called gun-show loophole if the anti-gun left wing will support closing the federal voting loophole.

Left-wing anti-gun adherents believe closing the so-called gun-show loophole will be a big step forward in making America safer. While I don’t believe this for a Mayor Bloomburg [sic] smoke-free, fat-free gun-hating second, I’m willing to lead a charge for closing this “loophole” if the left wing, say Piers Morgan or Michael Moore, will agree to promoting and advocating closing what many hardworking and taxpaying Americans believe to be a federal voting loophole.

The federal voting loophole is this: People who pay no federal income taxes are allowed to vote in federal elections. Arguably, this is a “loophole” since these voters have no federal income tax flesh in the game.

The voting “loophole” needs to be closed in order to restore fairness in federal elections. Closing this loophole will not prohibit people who pay no federal income taxes from voting in local, county and state elections – only federal elections. That’s reasonable and fair.

Sources: MarketPlace.org, WND, ThinkProgress.org, CNN


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