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Ted Nugent: Gangsta Wannabe Trayvon Martin Got Justice

Responding to protestors boycotting his latest show in Connecticut, rocker Ted Nugent told a Maine radio station on Saturday that Trayvon Martin was a “gangsta wannabe” who was eager to “get into fights with people” and “got justice.”

Nugent has a concert scheduled for Tuesday at Toad’s Place in New Haven, Conn. Area residents have organized a protest and also started a petition to have the show canceled.

“Trayvon got justice,” Nugent said. But Zimmerman “got only a sliver of justice.”

Nugent told the conservative radio host that 17-year-old Martin was motivated by “bloodthirst.” He claimed Martin wanted to get into fights with others and found what he was looking for. He claimed it was racist of Martin to refer to Zimmerman as a “cracka.”

Barbara Fair, a West Haven involved in the petition to have the show canceled, said Nugent “has to agree that we have a right to protest.”

She said Nugent’s latest comments are “more ridiculous than he’s already been.”

Nugent recently slammed other musicians who plan to boycott Florida until the stand-your-ground law is repealed. He said celebrities, like Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z, Madonna and Kanye West live in “a fog of denial” because their brains are “fried” by drug use.

James E. Rawlings, president of the Greater New Haven branch of the NAACP, said that Nugents claims were not even worth commenting on.

“We will deal with this as a community and come together,” Rawlings said. “The sooner Mr. Nugent is out of our community, the better off we’ll be.”

He did note that the NAACP will have a presence at the Tuesday protest, if the concert goes on as scheduled.

Sources: ThinkProgress, Bangor Daily News


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