Ted Nugent Discusses Shooting 'South Central' LA Residents Same Way He Would 'Feral Dogs'


Pro-gun activist Ted Nugent made an arguably racist comment during a recent speaking appearance in San Antonio, where he suggested that he would be doing the community a service if he could gun down the citizens of South Central Los Angeles.

Earlier this year, Nugent bragged about a hunting expedition wherein he killed 455 feral pigs in order to protect farmers’ crops. Not about to let all of that pork go to waste, Nugent said he then distributed “the most delicious pork to the soup kitchens and homeless shelters of this state.”

He added, “Everything we did was perfect – win win win.”

Nugent then said during a recent speaking event, “Lots of places have a hog problem. In Texas, the hogs have a Ted problem ... And four hours later I had 450 dead hogs. And now if they would just take me to South Central ... OK! I kid.”

South Central Los Angeles has a very high population of Latino and African-American residents. It is known for its gang activity, and it served as the setting during the 1992 Rodney King riots. Nugent’s not-so-subtle implication is he could rid Los Angeles of its crime problem by gunning down hundreds of residents.

The comment was not inherently racist. It is possible that Nugent’s remark was targeted at high-crime areas rather than areas filled with minority races. Though, this would not be the first time that Nugent revealed his non-politically correct beliefs. Back in May, he recommended treating undocumented immigrants like “indentured servants.”  

What do you think? Was it just a harmless joke? Or did Nugent’s remark reveal something darker about his underlying beliefs?

Source: Washington Post


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