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Ted Nugent Compares Himself to Rosa Parks, Won't Mention His Racist History (Audio)

National Rifle Association board member and former rocker Ted Nugent recently tried to compare himself to civil rights hero Rosa Parks.

Nugent made the ludicrous comparision in a column that he writes for the conspiracy website World Net Daily:

Heavily armed with whatever media bully pulpit I can muster, I exercise my First Amendment rights like my hero Rosa Parks who refused to sit at the back of the bus when that numb-nut law existed. I’m Rosa Parks with a Gibson.

However, Nugent did not mention his past racist comments about black people, some of which were noted by

In July of this year, Nugent told the Alex Jones Show (audio below), "There are black mobs across America that are guilty of the worst racism since the Klan. The worst racism against blacks is documented and undeniable by blacks."

During a 1995 interview with Grand Royal magazine (audio below), Nugent said, "You know what I'm on top of? I'm on top of a real America with working hard, playing hard, white motherf----- s--- kickers, who are independent and get up in the morning."

"Aren't there any blacks?" asked Grand Royal.

"Show me one. Show me one," replied Nugent.

In 1994, Nugent called rappers, "big uneducated greasy black mongrels."

"MTV is a liberal lump of hippy snot," said Nugent (audio below). "They are embarrassing. Those big uneducated greasy black mongrels on there, they call themselves rap artists. Excuse me? During a bad bloody case of diarrhea, I got more soul than those guys do at the peak of their life. That's not music. What do you slap some electronic noisemaker and then grunt to it?"

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