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Ted Nugent Claims Teachers' Union is Trying to Disarm America

NRA board member and rocker Ted Nugent recently attacked a teachers' union in his latest column for the conspiracy website WorldNetDaily.

Nugent claimed there is some sort of conspiracy involving liberals, U.S. government, the media and the National Education Association to carry out a "brainwashing jihad" in schools to "vilify guns" in order to reach the "ultimate goal of disarming America," which was thought up by labor leader Saul Alinsky, who has been dead for decades.

Nugent wrote on WorldNetDaily in part:

Like the brainwashing jihad running amok among government goons and most of America’s media, our social engineering indoctrination camps (formerly known as the public school system) clearly have it in for guns.

This is not surprising since these camps are controlled by the National Education Association, which is the largest contributor to the bigger/more-control government-approved party (formerly known as the Democratic Party).

...Our social engineering indoctrination camps are intentionally sending the message to kids and parents alike that guns are evil. Commie community organizer Saul Alinsky would be proud. It takes a very special person to dedicate his book to the devil, which must be why Hillary “No security for you” Clinton was so enamored with old Saul.

...Part of achieving the ultimate goal of disarming America is to vilify guns at every opportunity. Constantly drumming the message home that guns are evil to little Billy and Susie who attend social engineering indoctrination camps is part of the plan.

While appearing on Alex Jones' radio show on April 30, Nugent blamed President Obama for causing the rising suicide rate among U.S. servicemen because Obama supposedly "violates" the Constitution (audio below), reported

Nugent will appear at the NRA's National Convention for a Sunday event entitled "Freedom Is Not Free - Repaying Our Debt to Heros [sic]" which claims to be a tribute to U.S. military servicemen.

Source: WorldNetDaily,,


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