Ted Nugent Brags About Killing 455 Pigs with Machine Gun


Rocker and NRA board member Ted Nugent bragged to SiriusXM’s Brett Winterble today that he killed 455 pigs using a machine gun, while in a helicopter.

“I took my machine gun in the helicopter in the Texas hill country, me and my buddy ‘Pigman’ … his name is ‘Pigman’  I’m the swine czar," said Nugent. "I killed 455 hogs with my machine gun. I did it for Bill Maher and all those other animal rights freaks out there.”

According to RumorFix.com, Nugent claimed his mass shooting of the animals was to “save the environment from the destruction of these out-of-control pigs and I’m not talking about Washington D.C. or San Francisco … I’m actually talking about actual pigs.”

“We distributed tons of the most delicious pork to the soup kitchens and homeless shelters of this state. Everything we did was perfect, win win win.”

Nugent didn't not actually name the soup kitchens or the homeless shelters that he supposedly helped.

Source: RumorFix.com


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