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Ted Nugent Blames Obama, Piers Morgan for Early Prison Release of Rapist

Former rock star and National Rifle Association board member, Ted Nugent, went on another angry tirade against his fellow Americans in a column he wrote for the conspiracy website World Net Daily.

Nugent accused President Barack Obama of “disarming law-abiding citizens” and slammed the “anti-American” left for a “morally bankrupt agenda that will achieve nothing except to rape our Constitution and urinate on the vision of our Founding Fathers.”

Nugent also blamed Obama, Piers Morgan and California Senator Dianne Feinstein (D) for supporting the "system" that gave an early prison release to convicted rapist Jerry Active, who raped a toddler and killed her great-grandparents less than 24 hours later, noted the NY Daily News.

However, Nugent failed to mention that it was the predominantly Republican state of Alaska that released Active from jail, not Obama, Morgan or Feinstein.

Nugent wrote:

This is why the NRA and good, decent Americans don’t trust the president and his anti-gun crazies. To focus their efforts on restricting the rights of law-abiding Americans instead of doing whatever they can to revamp a system that daily unleashes monsters back out on the street where they will commit more heinous, unspeakable crimes is the worst crime of all.

The cops, prosecutors, judges and prison officials know who these monsters are. Knowing that they will more than likely commit more vicious crimes, the “system” unleashes them anyway.

The left’s solution to this willful act of barbarism: ban certain types of guns and high-capacity magazines that are rarely used in crimes.

Clearly their agenda is banning guns, not banning criminals or saving lives. And their morally bankrupt agenda is wrong, anti-American and counterproductive. Their agenda will achieve nothing except to rape our Constitution and urinate on the vision of our Founding Fathers.

Sources: World Net Daily and NY Daily News


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