Mom Says Teacher Put Her Special Needs Son In Trash Bag 'Poncho'


Nyesha Terry was reportedly stunned when she went to pick up her 5-year-old son Lloyd from Wentworth Elementary school in Chicago, Illinois, and found him wearing a trash bag and isolated from the other students.

Lloyd has epilepsy and is unable to speak, Telegraph reported. When Terry complained to the teacher about the garbage bag on her son, the teacher allegedly said that she created a makeshift poncho for Lloyd in case he drooled on his shirt, explaining that she worried the child would get sick if he was left in wet clothing. 

However, Terry told WGN News that Lloyd has extra clothing and bibs at the school just in case he has an accident.

“My heart broke,” Terry told the news station, adding that the teacher's action was disrespectful, unnecessary and dangerous.

Despite her confrontation with the teacher, when Terry picked up her son the next day, she found that he was once again wearing a plastic trash bag. Terry spoke with the principal and called Chicago Public Schools (CPS) about the incidents, but she said nothing came of it.

CPS told WGN in a statement that they were concerned about the allegations.

“We work to ensure all students are comfortable in their learning environment," CPS stated. "This incident is inexcusable and CPS has launched an investigation. We will take all appropriate actions to ensure this issue is resolved and prevented from happening again.”

Terry is still unsure why her son was separated from the other students.

Sources: WGN News, Telegraph / Photo credit: Telegraph


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