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School Employees Make Obscene Remarks About Students (Video)

Parents in Bangor, Michigan, are outraged over a video (below) of teachers and a school secretary making obscene and inappropriate comments about special needs students.

WXMI notes the video was filmed on Jan. 13, but it's not clear who did it.

According to Law Newz, the school employees were sitting at a bar, and playing a verbal game called "F***, Marry, Kill" in which participants name off three people whom they'd like to have sex with, marry and kill.

The legal blog notes that someone on the video suggested they play the game with celebrities' names instead of students' names.

WXMI reports that two teachers were suspended while four more teachers were reprimanded verbally.

However, school district lawyer Robert Huber told WWMT on Feb. 13 that the secretary resigned and two teachers received written reprimands over the viral video.

Huber was asked what would happen next, and he replied: "Nothing, nothing. The discipline is in the file."

Many parents expressed their outrage over what they thought were light punishments during a Feb. 13 school board meeting at Bangor High School.

Amanda Reprogal, the mother of a special needs student mocked in the video, said: "I would like to see people being held accountable. There are some criminal charges being pressed. I’m not sure how that’s going to go, we'll find out. I don’t want anybody to have to lose their job, but this is not okay."

Huber countered: "I say that we made our best assessment based on the facts, and reasonable minds can differ about things. This was our call as to what we thought was best under the circumstances."

Because the school board is refusing to do anything else about the incident, some parents want the entire board recalled and the school district's CEO to resign.

Parents are also asking the Michigan Department of Education if there were any violations of ethics rules.

WXMI reported on Feb. 14 that two teachers resigned.


Sources: WWMT, Law Newz, WXMI / Photo Credit: Bangor High School

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