Teacher's Aide Suspended From School Job Because of Sexy Modeling Pictures (Video)


An anonymous source recently sent a collection of somewhat racy pictures of teacher's aide Kaitlin “Kaity” Pearson to the school where she works and to a local newspaper.

Pearson, 23, has now been placed on administrative leave by the South Street Elementary School in Fitchburg, Mass. for the sexy pictures, some of which she had put on her Facebook page.

“To think that one year ago I was a girl picked up by a small modeling group (thing) branched out and spread my wings and was given the highest honor a model could ask for,” Pearson wrote on Facebook after being named model of the year by the publication ModelsMania.

According to the News Telegram, Pearson is scantily clad in T-shirts, bikinis and lingerie in some pictures. She covers her nipples and genitals with her hands or legs in other pics (video below).

While some parents were upset about Pearson's legal modeling pictures, her father was supportive.

“That’s her private life. She’s 23,” Chuck Pearson told CBS Boston. “She’s a grown-up woman.”

He also recalled how much she loved working at the school, helping special needs children and "learning something new every day."

Chuck Pearson also questioned the morality of whoever sent the pictures to the school and local newspaper.

Fitchburg School Superintendent Andre Ravenelle said the anonymous package of pictures was delivered to his office last Friday.

“[The package] contained modeling screenshots of an individual who is employed as a paraprofessional at South Street Elementary School, and it also contained comments about that individual’s employment here,” Ravenelle said in the statement.

“The school department’s hiring procedure solely requires [Criminal Offender Record Information] checks on the background of potential employees,” added Ravenelle. “CORI checks only screen for criminal activity. The information provided to the school department and [Fitchburg] Sentinel is not of a criminal nature. This situation poses no threat to the student body and is at this time solely a personnel issue.”

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Sources: News Telegram, CBS Boston, Facebook


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