Teacher's Aide Christopher Sheehan Gives Pot To School Principal As Gift For Winning Big Award

Nicole Mathis, principal at Nathaniel Greene Middle School in Providence, R.I., recently won the city’s prestigious “Principal of the Year” award. And what better way to celebrate than by getting baked?

At least, that’s what one teacher’s aide thought. As a token of his esteem, Christopher Michael Sheehan, a 57-year-old special education assistant, walked into Mathis’s office and handed her half an ounce of weed.

In an odd twist, the marijuana was inside an envelope that bore the insignia of the Rhode Island National Guard. The envelope was addressed to Sheehan, who appears to be a staff sergeant in the Guard, The Providence Journal reported.

The Journal couldn’t get anyone from the Guard on the phone to confirm Sheehan’s membership or comment.

Sheehan intended the pot — 15.5 grams of it in a plastic baggie, inside the National Guard envelope — as “a gift for winning the principal of the year award.” But the ungrateful Mathis immediately called the cops.

Sheehan was then “removed” from the school building and arrested. He was later released on bail. The school has suspended him — without pay.

A reporter from a Providence TV station went to Sheehan’s house and knocked on his door, but no one answered even though the reporter said she heard talking inside.

“Our staff are expected to conduct themselves according to the highest standards, and the delivery of a controlled substance onto a school campus is an intolerable act,” school spokesperson Christina O’Reilly told the Journal.

Sheehan now faces a hearing before the school board that could cost him his job over the poorly thought-out gift, which apparently didn’t even come with a nice card.

The school said that Sheehan acted on his own and that no students were involved in procuring the marijuana.

Sources: Providence Journal, WPRI Eyewitness News


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