'I Really Made The Wish For My Students': Teacher Donates The $150,000 She Won To Her School (Video)


A third-grade teacher In Boston won $150,000 in an online contest sponsored by Capital One, and donated the entire amount of her winnings to her school.

Nicole “Nikki” Bollerman, 26, won the grand prize of $150,000 from Capital One’s #WishForOthers contest, reports Yahoo News.

The #WishForOthers contest invited people to submit a wish Capital One could grant.

The Boston Globe reports Bollerman’s short essay read, in part:  “I’m a third-grade teacher in a low-income, highrisk elementary school in Boston, MA. My #wish for others is that my voracious, adorable, hardworking, loving scholars all leave for their December break with a book in their hand.”

Bollerman’s wish for books was granted, and having also won the grand prize of $150,000 she decided her winnings would be better spent on her students than herself.

"I really made the wish for my students and I was blessed, lucky and thankful that Capital One gave me the opportunity," Bollerman told ABC News. "Since I made the wish for my students I thought I would do something to make their lives better rather than spend it on myself."

Bollerman is a third-grade teacher at UP Academy Dorchester, a public charter school that has been “reinvented” over the past two years.

UP Education Network released a statement displaying their gratitude for Nikki’s gift.

“This incredible act of selflessness and devotion to her students is telling of the type of educator Nikki is, and we are so grateful to have her and all of our teachers as part of the UP team,” the statement reads. “We are so proud of Nikki, her fellow teachers, and all of our scholars. Thank you for all that you do!”

Bollerman was honored by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh for her donation.

Sources: Yahoo News, UP Education Network, The Boston Globe / Photo Source: Yahoo News, Boston Globe


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