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Teacher Impregnated By 13-Year-Old Pleads Guilty

A former Conroe, Texas middle school teacher who had a relationship with a 13-year-old student and got pregnant, pleaded guilty to sexual assault as part of a plea bargain that may spare her a jail sentence. 

Alexandria Vera, 24, accepted the charge of aggravated sexual assault of the child in Houston court on Nov. 16, The Daily Mail reports. Punishment for the charge can range up to a sentence of life in prison but, in this instance, Vera's punishment was set at a maximum of 30 years as part of her plea bargain.

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Richard Rodriguez, Vera's lawyer, said he is "hoping for deferred adjudication," wherein Vera goes on probation and a conviction does not go on her record so long as she meets court requirements.  

The former English teacher began the relationship with the eighth-grade student of Thomas J. Stovall Middle School during summer classes last year. 

The relationship lasted months, and both Vera and the boy stated they "had sex on almost a daily basis" and "love each other." Vera took no pains to hide the sexual relationship. 

Vera informed the police that her victim's parents were "very supportive and excited" to learn of her pregnancy in January and fully accepted the relationship. 

The former teacher, however, opted to have an abortion after she was questioned by Child Protective Services, court documents show. 

Vera has a four-year-old daughter and has been released from jail on $100,000 bail since her June arraignment. The court ordered she not go near minors, not use the Internet, wear a GPS monitor and stay at home between the hours of 8pm and 7am.

A fellow student of the victim said the victim once “grabbed her butt and everybody saw it. And then they were talking about it,” The Mirror reports. 

A representative of the school stated: “When the allegation was made in April, the teacher was immediately removed from the school and placed on administrative leave.

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“The safety and security of [Stovall Middle School]’s students and staff remains a priority of the school district," a spokesman for the school said, according to the Daily Mirror.

Vera will be sentenced in January. A foster family is presently raising the now-14-year-old student -- he will remain under their care until at least August of 2017. 

Child Protective Services officials started investigating the case when they were informed about the relationship by a person acquainted with the couple.

Sources: The Daily Mail, The Mirror / Photo credit: The Independent

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