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Teacher Who Reported Student For Saying 'Bless You' Reportedly Banned Phrase At Start Of Year

The teacher who disciplined a student for saying “Bless you” to another student after they sneezed reportedly banned the phrase, along with a list of other phrases, at the beginning of the year.

17-year-old Kendra Turner of Tennessee says her teacher sent her to the principal’s office for saying “Bless you” to a peer who sneezed, and as a result, Turner faced a day of in-school suspension.

“She said that we're not going to have godly speaking in her class, and that's when I said we have a constitutional right,” said Turner.

It’s now being revealed, however, that the teacher had a long list of words and phrases that she didn’t want used in the classroom since the school year started, and when she met with Turner, the parents and the principal, she claimed that the student was being disruptive and knew that she was breaking a class rule by saying the phrase.

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Since the incident happened, Turner’s peers have proudly defended her, and some have even made “Bless You” t-shirts in support of their friend.

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Sources: Daily Mail, WJLA 


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