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Teacher Who Instituted 'Pay-to-Pee' Policy Won't Be Disciplined After Girls Wet Pants

The Washington state teacher who instituted a “pay-to-pee” policy that resulted in two little girls wetting their pants will not face discipline, the school board decided.

Students at Mill Plain Elementary in Vancouver, Washington have to budget fake Monopoly money to buy snacks, toys, or to use the toilet. Last week two girls suffered embarrassing accidents after they spent their last $50 on treats and couldn’t afford to use the facilities.

Their moms, Lilliana Ortega and Jasmine Al-Ayadhi, filed complaints with the district. According to them, however, justice has not been served: the unnamed teacher was not reprimanded, according to the Columbian. She returned to school after being out one day following the incident.

The school board sided with the teacher’s union in defending the teacher. The “pay-to-potty” system was put into place due to excessive classroom interruptions, the teachers said. They also maintained that no student is denied the facilities in an emergency.

"We're never going to prevent a child who is in an emergency situation from going to the bathroom," Evergreen Public Schools Gail Spolar told KATU. "We don't want the children to have accidents. We don't want the children to have health and safety issues and so that's part of that investigation is how the procedure is being done."

An investigation into Ortega’s complaint is ongoing. In light of the district's inaction, Al-Ayadhi has decided that she will now homeschool her daughter Reem.

“They gave her an option of black spandex pants that were size 7 or boy’s blue shorts. My daughter is a size 10," Al-Ayadhi said of the change of clothes offered to her daughter following her accident. "She was being teased. The boys were making fun of her because of the shorts.”

Al-Ayadhi said she can’t see sending her daughter back to school.

“How can you return a child to a school where she’s being humiliated and degraded?” said the outraged mom.

Sources: Columbian, KATU


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