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'Teacher Of The Year' Stalked Student, Arrested Again

Police again arrested a former “Teacher Of The Year” in Alabama on Feb. 26 after charging him earlier in the month for stalking a former student.

Authorities accused middle school teacher Jeremiah Hunter, 39, of tampering with physical evidence, the Daily Mail reports.

Officials have not yet revealed further details of this additional charge.

Hunter, a science teacher and cheerleading coach at Hankins Middle School, in Theodore, Alabama, was initially arrested Feb. 18 for stalking his former student, but was released on $750 bail. He is now being held without bail, reports Daily Mail.

Hunter would allegedly often follow the student to his place of employment and other areas. Police say they found photos of the boy on Hunter’s nightstand, reports WKRG.

The 16-year-old student, who was 13 or 14 when Hunter was allegedly stalking him, experienced significant emotional distress as a result of Hunter’s alleged actions. While his family complained, school officials reportedly did not do anything at first.

“I know that the student has been going to counseling through resources at the Child Advocacy Center and there is severe emotional distress that I think could've been headed off months, if not years, ago,” said Lt. Paul Burch of Mobile County Sheriff's Office, reports WALA. “I think that falls partly on the school system.”

School Superintendent Martha Peek argues the school did not have enough evidence to do anything until more recently.

“That’s the first time that we’ve had knowledge of there being any evidence to the point of there being something to take action on," she told WKRG. "As soon as that was done, that employee was put on administrative leave."

Peek also said, "It really surprises me that the sheriff’s office says that, because we've been working with law-enforcement throughout the period of time that there's been complaints. There's been interaction from the family with the school system that we followed up on immediately and we will continue to do that and will continue to screen all social media that we have control over.”

The police believe Hunter may have stalked others. Authorities are investigating reports he allegedly invited students over to his home and gave them rides, reports WALA.

Sources: Daily Mail, WALA,WKRG / Photo credit: WALA

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