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Teacher Accused Of Locking 12-Year-Old Student With ADHD In Closet (Video)

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A Los Angeles schoolteacher is under fire after she allegedly locked a student with ADHD in a closet. 

Diane Prather stands accused of locking Nathan Alvarez, 12, in a closet after he became unruly. Prather was a sixth-grade teacher at Rivera Middle School, which is part of the El Rancho Unified School District located in Pico Rivera, California. The town is roughly 25 minutes outside of the city of Los Angeles. 

"She would lock me in the closet because she didn't like me," Alvarez told CBS2/KCAL9. "She would literally get a whole desk, put it inside the closet, and I would get in there [and] she would close the door."

Prather has since been removed from her teaching position since the accusations began to surface last May, CBS2/KCAL9 reports.

"We're definitely aware of the allegation," Superintendent Martin Galindo told the news station. "Ms. Prather is not teaching in our schools."

She was placed on paid leave last September.

Nathan's mother, Marisol, told CBS2/KCAL9 that the news came as a shock.

"He has ADHD, and I feel that he was singled out by her because he was too hard to handle," she said, "so this is how she handled him. She would lock him up in there."

"You send your kids to school thinking they're going to be safe, and to have somebody that is supposed to be qualified and educated enough to do this to your own child, it is devastating," she continued. 

For now, the school district intends to keep Prather from teaching in their schools.

"We are conducting an evidentiary hearing because we are moving forward on dismissal of this teacher," Galindo said.

According to the Center for Disease Control, ADHD — or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder — is a behavioral condition that may hinder children's abilities to pay attention and control impulses. Five percent of all children have ADHD. 

Source: CBS Los Angeles,

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, CBS Los Angeles


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