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Teacher Tells Kids To Drag Shy 11-Year-Old To Front Of Class, Watches As She's Assaulted (Video)

A substitute teacher at an elementary school in Quincy, Washington, is accused of having a shy 11-year-old girl violently dragged to the front of a classroom on Dec. 12, 2014.

Substitute teacher Ken Lacey reportedly told the girl to stop talking in the back of the classroom and instructed her to move to the front.

“She was asked by the teacher to go in front of the class to say or do something," the girl's mother Olga Montano told iFIBER One News (video below). "She refused to go because she told him that she was embarrassed. And he respond[ed] to her, ‘I’ll show you what’s embarrassed.’

“He asked four kids to grab her and drag her to the front of the class, and so they did,” claims Montano. “While she was being dragged ... more kids joined in and she was being slapped, kicked, punched in the face and they were throwing balls at her.”

According to Quincy School District Superintendent John Boyd, Lacey resigned on Dec. 15, 2014.

The Quincy Police Department reportedly has a video of the incident, but is not releasing it yet because an investigation is in progress, noted

Sources:, iFIBER One News
Image Credit: iFIBER One News Screenshot


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