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School Bans Teacher From Classroom After She Consoled Grieving Student (Video)

A New York teacher is reportedly being punished by her school after she tried to help a grieving student (video below).

Maddy Ziminski, a senior at Center Moriches High School, told PIX11 that she was having a bad month because “I lost two people really close to me.”

According to Ziminski, when her school psychologist and counselor weren’t doing enough to help, she turned to her art teacher, Janice Graf.

“My whole life as well as other students, have been told to trust your teachers and go to them when you need help and that’s exactly what I did,” Maddy said.

Graf took Ziminski to 7/11, with her parents’ permission, to buy the teen a cup of hot chocolate in an attempt to comfort her.

“She needed someone to talk to,” Graf told CBS2. “She was very distraught. I felt she was in crisis.”

Graf brought the student back to school, and she said she was able to make it back without missing any of her classes.

Despite the nice gesture, school officials told Graf that she had broken the rules and reassigned her, banning her from her classroom.

Maddy’s mother, Joanne Ziminski, said she thought Graf was just doing what any good teacher should do, going above and beyond to help a student.

“I don’t feel like it was a rule being broken and I was just thankful she was there for her,” Joanne told PIX11.

Graf is a 30-year teaching veteran and is now fighting to get back in the classroom after two weeks of being banned. She was scheduled to retire in July 2016.

School Board President Joshua Foster issued a statement about the incident, saying, “The board acts in the best interest of both students and staff."

Sources: PIX11CBS2PIX11 via YouTube / Photo Credit: PIX11 via YouTube Screenshot

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