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Teacher Thomas Farmer Arrested for Telling Students to Choke Each Other

A teacher in Largo, Fla. has been arrested after he ordered one of his students to choke each other. 

Thomas Farmer, 44, allegedly told one of his students to choke the other at Largo High School when a group of students was playing cards. He told them to stop, and said if they did not stop he would have one of the other students, who was trained in jiujitsu, use physical force to make them stop.

The group did not stop playing cards, and so the teacher ordered the 16-year-old student to put a 14-year-old student in a choke hold. Farmer said to the younger student that he should "tap out" when he felt he had enough.

When the student did not tap out, other students noticed he was shaking and then passed out and hit his head.

After he awoke, he was bleeding from one of his eyes. He also said he felt nauseous. Instead of sending the boy to the nurse, Farmer gave him a wastebasket in case he vomited. He then had other students help him to a bus.

The driver noticed the boy was physically beat up and called the school resource officer.

"I asked the boy if he was feeling okay," said resource officer, George Walters. "He was not able to form a sentence or capable of comprehending the questions I was asking him."

The teen was taken to a children's hospital and treated for a concussion. He had to wear a neck brace for the rest of the night. 

Farmer is now denying that the incident played out like others have reported. 

"The report makes me sound out to be like I basically had a hit out on this one student and that's just not even close to anything how it remotely was or how I remotely am," Farmer said. "I didn't tell the student to hurt the student whatsoever. I didn't tell him to touch him, I didn't tell him to choke him, I didn't tell him to give him a kiss, I didn't tell him anything. And when the student stopped playing cards, I went back to work on my computer  grades, testing, all that stuff. Somewhere between then and that, that's when the incident happened."

The teacher has been arrested for charges of felony child abuse. The 16-year-old boy who attacked the other student is also being charged with battery.

Sources: Daily Mail, Bay News


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