Teacher Suspended For Taping 'I'm Gay' Sign to Student's Back


Daniel Ogloff, a metal and machining teacher at a Canadian high school, was recently suspended for two weeks over a homophobic prank that he reportedly pulled on a student last September.

According to Rcinet.ca, Ogloff wrote “I’m gay. Lol” on a piece of tape and placed it on the back of an 11th grade student’s jacket at Aldergrove Community Secondary school in Langley, British Columbia, Canada.

Ogloff reportedly made a "Shhh" gesture to the other students who took pictures.

He was given an unpaid 10-week suspension last November for the prank. School authorities claimed he “acted unprofessionally, disrespectfully and without regard for students’ physical and emotional safety.”

Ogloff was also forced to participate in a “restorative action” with the unidentified student, take part in a mentorship with a second teacher and complete some courses required by school officials.

The Province reported that Ogloff got some previous warnings because of “inappropriate” comments that he made to a 7th grade student in 2011 and for speaking "inappropriately and disrespectfully” to a 12th grade student in 2012 after she asked him why she was the only student failing.

Ogloff reportedly admitted to the British Columbia Commissioner for Teacher Regulation that both incidents constituted "professional misconduct."

For the tape incident, Ogloff agreed to the second suspension from Sept. 22 to Oct. 5, but it's not clear why the second suspension was given.

Sources: The Province, Rcinet.ca (Image Credit: Dee Downing)


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