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Teacher Caught On Tape Slamming 10-Year-Old Against Wall (Photo)

An Arkansas teacher has been suspended for the rest of the school year after security footage shows her grabbing one of her fifth-grade students and slamming him against a wall.

Rebekah Bennett, a teacher at Angie Grant Elementary in Benton, Arkansas, has been suspended without pay until June 30 when she will take two professional development classes and be evaluated by a counselor, reports KTHV. At that point, the school board will determine whether or not to allow her to return to her position.

"Man, I was in shock," Jeff Rodgers, parent of the 10-year-old boy in the surveillance video, told KARD. "I [want to] lose it. I'm just furious that she would do this to my son."

Rodgers said that his son has told him that the teacher had mistreated him on multiple occasions, but the father "always just kind of blew it off, thinking he was making excuses for getting in trouble."

"He was probably telling the truth on a lot of things, when he said she would grab him and yank on him," he added, saying that "she's already abused him once" and that she has been trying "to throw him into this other classroom."

Rodgers said that his son was misbehaving behind his desk and refused to come out from the spot when Bennett told him to, which is when she started hurting him.

"He said he was in a headlock from the desk all the way to the outside," Rodgers recalled the conversation with his son.

The hall surveillance video, which can be viewed on KARD, shows Bennett grabbing the boy by his arms, dragging him from the classroom into the hallway, and pushing him up against the wall. After that point, he slides to the floor and sits down while her hands are still on him.

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The Benton School District superintendent said that the district intended to fire Bennet for mistreating the boy, but they allowed the school board to make the final call, notes KTHV. The district told KARK that they respect the board's decision and did not wish to comment on it beyond that, reports KARD.

Police are investigating the incident, notes KTHV.

Rodgers said that he was not satisfied with the way that the school handled the situation by allowing Bennett the opportunity to return the following school year.

"I don't think she has the temperament to be a teacher," Rodgers said.

Sources: KTHV, KARD / Photo credit: Benton School District via KTHVfrwl via Wikimedia Commons

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