Teacher Suspended for Joking About Obscenity Laws (Video)

Ben Keech, who teaches at Shawnee Mission North High School in Overland Park, Kan., has been suspended for making a joke about obscenity laws.

“The class was talking about the history of pornography how it used to have to be purchased at like Blockbuster, like at video stores," student Tanner Erb told Fox 4 (video below).

"[Keech] was talking about how one girl can walk in there and get 101 Dalmatians and you could walk in there, being a lonely adult male, and get a movie 101 Ways to Do your Mom, and how ironic that was,” added Erb.

That quote was taped to Keech's desk by the students who also tape other teachable statements from Keech.

“Everyone got a kick out of it, everyone laughed and that’s the quote that [a student] wrote down and put up on the desk,” said Erb.

Apparently, an unidentified person, or persons, saw the taped quote and turned Keech into school authorities, which shocked students and parents.

“At first I was thinking there was going to be more to the story," said Erb’s mother. "I kept thinking it had to be something bigger than this because it seems like a really minor thing to suspend a teacher over."

"When we begin micromanaging everything our teachers say, then we are walking a really fine line," added Erb’s mother. "We begin to take out of education what they have to offer. The passion that they have to give to their students.”

Keech, who has been suspended for two weeks, has hired a lawyer and will appear at an upcoming school board hearing.

Present and former students are outraged over Keech's suspension. They are holding a rally after school today in support of the teacher.

"He is very helpful. One of the most helpful teachers I've had and is just a really great teacher," senior Isaac Jonas told KCTV 5. "Having him as a teacher is really beneficial for both the students and the faculty."

"I was furious. It is ridiculous. He is like one of those teachers that helps you learn the subject and not just gives you paper work," added former student Darcy Heck.

"I didn't really want to go to school. I didn't want to go to any class. He had help me and talk to me and give me advice," said Heck.

Sources: KCTV 5 and Fox 4


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