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Teacher Stacy Stracener Pleads Guilty to Having Sex with Student

Stacy Stracener, a science teacher at Cabot Junior High School in Arkansas, pleaded guilty to 11 counts of first degree sexual assault after she had sex with a 15-year-old student. 

Stracener, 36, sent the boy explicit texts about what she wanted to do with him and had sexual intercourse with him on at least 11 different occasions. She was arrested last February and was sentenced Tuesday to six years in jail.

The teenager told police that the teacher was a family friend. Authorities were alerted of the situation after the boy's mother found text messages exchanged between the two. 

His mother said that Stracener had sent over 40 text messages in a three day period, sometimes starting as early as six in the morning and as late as midnight. 

The text message content was never revealed, but the boy said that many of them included descriptions of what the teacher wanted to do to him sexually. 

Stracener is not eligible for parole for at least two years and will be on the sex offenders list. 

She is also forbidden to contact the boy and his family, and will never be able to teach again. 

At first, the teacher pleaded not guilty in March of 2012, and was sentenced to 15 years, but after pleading guilty the court cut the sentence down to six years. 



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