Teacher Draws Ire For Edited Version Of Declaration (Photos)

Teacher Draws Ire For Edited Version Of Declaration (Photos) Promo Image

An Arizona teacher has come under fire after she posted a revised version of the Declaration of Independence with gender-neutral pronouns.

The mother of a fourth-grade student at Salk Elementary in Mesa, Arizona, found that her son's teacher had posted a revised version of the Declaration of Independence in the classroom, according to KNXV-TV. The version had replaced instances of the word "man" with the word "human."

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all [humans] are created equal," read the revised portion. "Governments are instituted among [humans]... "

The mom, Elizabeth Vaillancourt, took a photo of the revised historical document and posted it to Facebook, openly questioning why a teacher would purposely change the contents of such an important document.

"Each and every morning after the Pledge of Allegiance is said, the class recited this altered version of our Declaration of Independence," Vaillancourt wrote on Facebook. "The teacher also felt it was ‘A teachable moment’ when she shared with the class that she attended a protest of our President Donald J. Trump."

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She added: "I beg of you all for future generations to remain free, please beware of what is actually occurring in our schools."

The teacher was reportedly upset by Vaillancourt's decision to take the issue to Facebook, and Vaillancourt's son was also removed from the teacher's classroom and placed in another class.

Several commenters called for the teacher to be fired over the incident. Vaillancourt responded with further Facebook updates, insisting her intention was not to get the teacher fired but rather to raise awareness of the issues going on in her son's classroom.

A spokesperson for the school district said reciting the Declaration of Independence is part of school tradition, and that the historical document ought to be read and remembered as it was written.

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"It should be recited as written, and not modified in any way," the representative said, according to the International Business Times. "School administration, when learning of the alteration to the text, provided feedback and guidance to the teacher to restore the document to its original format."

"There is not a specific reference in policy to the discussion of political beliefs by a teacher in a classroom, however in practice the district does not allow teachers to share their political views with students," the district explained in its statement, reports KNXV-TV. "When the teacher used a personal example of how individuals can have differing political views but still be friends, the principal reminded the teacher that personal examples are not appropriate in a classroom setting."

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