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Teacher Allegedly Sent Home Because Of Tattoos

A school teacher at a private elementary school was reportedly asked to go home and cover up the tattoos on her arms, neck and hands before returning to teach.

Charlotte Tumilty, 26, says she showed up for her first day at St. John Vianneys Primary School in Hartlepool, England, a position she obtained as part of her teacher training course. Before the first hour of the day was up, however, she says she was told to go home and cover up.

Tumilty says an administrator told her it was a “strict Catholic” school and that she should use bandages and plasters to conceal her tattoos, reports Metro.

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“It ticks me off,” Tumilty said. “They said I could maybe start later but I don’t think it’s going to get anywhere because you can still see bits of my tattoos.”

The woman says she went out and purchased an outfit that covered the tattoos on her arms, but that there was little she could do about the body art on her neck and fingers – which she says troubled school administrators.

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Deputy headmaster Martin Boagey denies making Tumilty leave the school grounds. “Ms. Tumilty was politely asked to consider how best to cover up her tattoos and it was suggested that she should. At no point was she ever told that she could not work in the school.”

But Tumilty says she is looking for a new place to teach, which may be impossible to find until next year.

Source: Metro

Photo Credit: SWNS


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