Teacher's Wife Calls in Bomb Threat to Get Him Out of Boring Meeting


A teacher, who has only been identified as "Eric," jokingly asked his wife to call in a bomb threat to get him out of a boring town hall meeting, but she took him literally and did it.

The meeting was held at the Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation in the East Harlem area of New York City, reported the New York Post.

“Call in a bomb threat,” Eric recently texted to his wife, which was followed by “haha" in the next message, according to police.

After Eric's wife called the police with a bomb threat, she noticed her husband's “haha.” She called the police again to cancel the bomb threat, but police officers investigated it anyway, noted the Daily Mail.

“It was meant to be a joke. It was misconstrued, and, boy, oh, boy, before we knew it, there were cops here,” stated Stephen Falla Riff, the Renaissance Charter HS executive director.

“The NYPD was satisfied it was a joke,” added Riff. “If they thought there was any doubt whatsoever, my guess is that he would be in cuffs right now.”

There were no arrests, but the school had to call up students’ parents to explain the false alarm.

Riff has not decided if Eric will face any disciplinary action.

“We’re really committed to due process,” stated Riff. “Any outcome will be based on the facts.”

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Post (Image Credit: Bill Branson)


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