Teacher’s Facebook Status is ‘In A Relationship’ with Student Lover


Eppie Sprung Dawson was banned from teaching in 2013 after she was caught having sex with a 17-year-old student a year earlier.

Dawson and the student were found partially undressed outside St. Joseph's College in Dumfries, Scotland, in December 2012 noted the BBC.

At the time, Dawson was 26 and the boy was 17. The sexual relationship wasn't illegal, but Dawson was convicted on a charge of "abuse of trust" because she was in a position of authority.

Dawson's lawyer David Finnie said at the time, "There was no intention whatsoever to cause any harm or difficulties or problems for the young man."

Dawson did not serve time in jail, but was ordered to attend counseling sessions.

According to the Daily Mail, Dawson got a job at a local bar and moved the teen into her home only months after dodging prison.

Now, The Mirror reports that Dawson recently updated her Facebook status to "in a relationship" with the same young man, Matthew Robinson, who is now 19.

Dawson, who is divorced from her husband, got 27 "Likes" when she announced the relationship.

Sources: The Mirror, BBC, Daily Mail


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