Teacher Resigns After Parent Finds She Ordered Student To Punch A Classmate

Tennessee elementary school teacher Rebecca Cassel resigned from her position this week after it was revealed she allegedly ordered one of her students to punch a second grader at the school.

The second grade victim’s mother, Brandie Dobson, recounted to WKRN what her child told her about the incident.

She said that earlier in the day, “The little boy (third grader) had pushed him and hit his brother and cousin. So he hit him back.”

The school’s principal was out of the office on the day the altercation took place, so Cassel took disciplinary measures into her own hands. She took Dobson’s son and the third grade student into a room and ordered the older student to punch Dobson.

"She had told, told the little boy to hit my son,” Dobson said. “My understanding, he hit him. She didn't feel like it was good enough, so she had him hit him again in the face.”

Dobson says that despite another teacher witnessing the event, no one from the school reported the incident to her. She only found out about it when her son, who is now afraid to go back to school, told her.

“He had to go back to his class, bawling, crying, red-faced, and humiliated,” she said. “He was scared to go back to school.”

Cassel was initially suspended by the school district for her role in the incident, but has since resigned. 

Sources: WKRN, News Channel 5


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