Teacher Removed Over 'Privilege Questionnaire'


A teacher in a Florida school district has been removed from teaching after distributing a "privilege questionnaire" to students that asked about their race, religion and sexual orientation.

Yoselis Ramos, a 23-year-old Spanish teacher at Monroe Middle School in Tampa, Florida, gave the students the survey as part of a topic in class about equality on April 4, according to Bay News 9. Ramos had two classes take the survey, which asked students to circle choices regarding their race, religion gender, sexual identity and any disabilities to determine how much privilege they had.

Ramos did not require students to turn in their surveys, but she used their responses as a way to talk about inequality in literature. The Hillsborough County School District received complaints from parents about the questionnaire, saying that the exercise was inappropriate.

"A conversation about a child and their sexuality should not come into play," said Dale Cox, whose grandson was in a seventh-grade class that filled out the survey. "If you’re going to do a class paper, then you do the class paper on the subject of Spanish. Not anything else."

Another topic that the survey inquired about were students' physical and mental disabilities. Regina Stiles, whose 12-year-old daughter filled out one of the questionnaires, criticized attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder being considered a mental disability, reports New York Daily News.

"To me, ADHD is not a mental disability. It’s something she has," Stiles told WTSP-TV, according to New York Daily News. "Some of these things should be taught at home."

Ramos created the questionnaire and Tanya Arja, a spokeswoman for the school district, said that while the subject during the class was equality, the school district would not approve of asking students for that level of personal information. The Office of Professional Standards is currently conducting an investigation into Ramos regarding the incident.

Ramos, who previously worked as a reporter and radio producer, began teaching at the school district in 2015. Jacob Cox, one of Ramos' students, said she was a good teacher.

"I hope she comes back and starts teaching Spanish again," the seventh-grader said.

Source: Bay News 9 via Bradenton Herald, New York Daily News / Photo credit: Facebook via Bradenton Herald

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