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Teacher Is Left Alone With A Group Of Sex Offenders In Prison, Gets Attacked And Raped

A teacher working at an Arizona prison was stabbed and raped after she was left alone in a room full of sex offenders, reports NBC News.

The female teacher, whose name has not been released, was administering a high school equivalency exam to about six inmates at Eyman prison’s Meadows Unit on January 30 when she was reportedly attacked and sexually assaulted by inmate Jacob Harvey. At the time of the incident, there were no guards near the classroom and the teacher was given a radio to use to summon for help, according to ABC News.

After the inmates completed their exams and left the classroom, Harvey reportedly asked the teacher if she could open the bathroom door for him. He then allegedly stabbed her in the head with a pen and forced her to the ground, where he raped her.

The teacher says she screamed, but no one came to help her. After he attacked her, the teacher reportedly tried to use the radio she was given to call for help, but it did not work. Harvey allowed his victim to use a phone, police say.

The suspect was classified as a “Class 4” security risk, which is the second highest security level. He was serving the first of a 30-year sentence for raping a woman. Harvey was accused of forcing his way into his victim’s home and repeatedly raping and attacking her while her 2-year-old was in the apartment.

Department of Corrections Representative Doug Nick said an investigation within the prison is not taking place because the absence of guards in classrooms or nearby “follows accepted corrections practices nationwide.” He said that, although security cameras are going to be installed in prison classrooms in Arizona, in this case, there was only one person at fault for this heinous crime.

“This is an assault that reflects the fact that inmates in our system often act out violently, and it is the inmate suspect who is responsible for this despicable act,” Nick said.

Sources: NBC News, ABC News

Photo Source: NBC News


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