Teacher Rachel Farrell Gets Five Months in Jail for Sex With Student

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In Bangor, Pennsylvania, 26-year-old Rachel Farrell has been sentenced to jail for five months because she had sex with a minor student, two months after getting married, in June 2010.

As reported by Opposing Views, Farrell was accused of having sex with four students, but three of the boys refused to testify against her. Farrell taught English at Bangor High School, reports The Daily Mail.

Farrell plead guilty to corrupting a minor, who was 17-years-old. The age of sexual consent in Pennsylvania is 16, so Ferrell was not charged with additional felonies.

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The boy, who did testify against Ferrell, said they had sex in in secluded locations such as inside a car in a Wal-Mart parking lot and in hotel rooms.

In court, Ferrell told Judge Emil Giodarno: "That's not what an educator should be like, and I know that."

The Pocono Record newspaper reports that Ferrell also told the judge that she thought the sentence of five months in jail and three years probation was fair.

However, after the court hearing, her defense attorney Steven Mills said he will appeal the sentence.


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