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Teacher Quits Job Over 35-Mile Commute And Is Denied Unemployment

A Pottstown, Pa. assistant teacher quit her job because she was asked to transfer to another facility 35 miles away. After applying to get unemployment benefits, she has officially been denied by the Commonwealth Court.

Theresa M. Keim was working her $11.48-an-hour job at Montgomery Early Learning Center when her boss told her she was being transferred to a facility that was 35 miles away. Keim made the decision to quit because the commute “would result in more wear and tear on her car.” In addition, Keim told the court that it was “a bit too long of a drive” and “she is not a long-distance driver.”

The Unemployment Compensation Board of Review initially turned down her request for benefits, so Keim turned to the Commonwealth Court with her request.

Senior Judge James Gardner Collins said that Keim never even tried to commute to the new job before quitting. Collins also noted that she never tried to see if she could carpool with anybody or take public transportation. In the end, the court decided that the longer commute didn’t present a “necessitous and compelling” reason to quit.


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