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Teacher Poses Kids With Fake Weapons For Pics (Video)

Some parents are outraged over pictures that show their children with fake weapons inside the yearbook of Yucca Valley High School in California (video below).

"How am I going to be looked at in the future?" Beth Gonzales, a student, told KESQ. "Am I going to be that girl with the knife in the picture?"

The picture shows a black male student holding a fake gun aimed at a book and Beth holding a knife aimed at a book; a caption reads: "Teacher's Nightmare."

A different picture features two students lighting a fake bomb.

Beth said the idea for the pictures and the props for the pictures came from a teacher who was managing the yearbook.

In response to the outrage, School Superintendent Tom Baumgarten said: "We have talked to the advisor. There was no malicious intent by the advisor, or the students, or the administration, or the district to portray anyone in a negative manner and we apologize if it did."

One of Beth's sisters reportedly saw the yearbook picture of her sibling on social media and called their mother.

"My first thought when I saw the picture was great, this is just great," Corinna Gonzales, Beth's mom, told the news station. "This depicts a minority culture. You've got a young black man with a gun, and a young Hispanic girl with a knife. And exactly what I saw was racial profiling."

Beth is hoping to join the Navy but was upset about comments on her picture on social media.

"There was even some comments on there saying something about ISIS and that's what the photo represents," Beth said. "And how is the military going to accept me if I represent ISIS?"

"My daughter has great goals in front of her and I want to her to succeed without something coming from behind her and biting her on the behind," Corinna added.

"I've placed a call to the district. I've placed a call to the school. And do you think I've received any call back? No."

Beth's dad Tony is also reportedly worried that someone might retaliate against his daughter over the picture.

"This is not going to get swept underneath the rug," Corinna said. "I won't let it and they have a lot of apologizing to do."

The yearbooks reportedly won't be recalled or reprinted, but the superintendent said if parents want a refund on the yearbook, they will be paid back in full.

Sources: KESQ, KGO / Photo Credit: KESQ via YouTube

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