Teacher Placed On Leave After Getting Into Physical Fight With Student (Video)


A Baltimore teacher has been put on leave after video of her fighting with a female student spread online.

The altercation, which can be seen below in multiple parts, reportedly was instigated by the student, but it’s clear that the teacher engaged in a physical fight with her. In the clip that reveals what happened to start the fight, the student in question can be seen refusing to get off of her cell phone when the teacher asks her to. The teen proceeds to toss a wheeled chair at the wall towards the teacher and throw an object at her.

(Report featuring cell phone video of events leading up to fight, below)

In the cell phone clips of the actual fight, the teacher is seen calling for administrative assistance in the hall while a male student attempts to calm the female student down. Suddenly, the teacher and the female student start to physically fight each other while the male student tries to break it up.

(Part 1 of actual fight, below)

“I’ll f**king kill you in here, b**ch,” threatens the teacher. “What the f**k you think this is, b**ch? I’m not f**king playing with you.”

After the cell phone recordings of the fight were posted online, they quickly went viral. Parents of students who attend the Baltimore school, Carver Vocational-Technical High School, say they are disturbed by the teacher’s behavior.

“She got a job to do. That’s what she gets paid to do is to teach, not to fight,” said parent Gloria Talley to WBAL. “She’s supposed to act professional, not like a student or like a young hopper or something. Carver school is more professional than that. I don’t understand why they got that going on in there.”

(Part 2 of actual fight, below)

Now, the teacher has been placed on administrative leave while the student has been charged.

“The teacher was treated for injuries and has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of external and internal investigations,” said city schools spokeswoman Anne Fullerton. “The student, a minor, was charged with assault and released to a parent.”

Relatives of the student say they believe that the teacher’s actions were out of line.

Sources: The Blaze, WBAL, My Fox Philly


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